Dr. Glynis D Wallace, former Major  in the United States Air Force.  Diagnosed and treated at military facilities around the world during her illustrious military career.  She is an internationally acclaimed champion and authority on living with this often under diagnosed and misunderstood disease publishing the first known book on Catamenial Pneumothorax (menstrual lung collapse).  Dr. Wallace’s mission simple, yet mighty: "My mission is awareness with proper diagnosis and treatment of this life threatening benign disease.  

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Living with Lung and Colon Endometriosis

Catamenial Pneumothorax is an under- recognized disease.  Cata·meni·al - of or relating to menstruation or the "menstrual period".  Pneu·mo·tho·rax - lung collapse           (Menstrual lung collapse).  Catamenial Pneumothorax.org is a website dedicated to a worldwide outreach destination for patients and healthcare providers seeking news and information about Living with Lung and Colon Endometriosis.   Many cases of endometriosis have been reported within the chest in various sites: lung parenchyma, pleura, diaphragm, myocardium and bronchial tree. It has been referred to as Thoracic, Pulmonary, Extrapelvic, Ectopic and Lung Endometriosis.  The five presentations collectively are referred to as Thoracic Endometriosis Syndrome.  Welcome to Catamenial Pneumothorax, hemopneumothorax, Hemothorax and Hemoptysis site for information.  

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Catamenial Pneumothorax was under-recognized and considered to be extremely rare, now undetermined numbers of women have been diagnosed globally.

Catamenial Endometriosis has been diagnosed and documented in the male urinary system.