Catamenial Pneumothorax Book (2)


Living with Lung and Colon Endometriosis

O RhD Negative (O-) Bloodtype And Catamenial Endometriosis:

                         Catamenial Blood Theories Include Men 

Endometriosis has been diagnosed and documented in the male urinary system * (Endometriosis is occurring in men).  Extremely significant since men do not have a uterus lined with endometrial cells to migrate from, and no one seems to know the source.  Therefore the current information describing this migration of endometriosis has to be incorrect.  Diagnosed with Catamenial Pneumothorax in 1991 with endometriosis on my lung and colon, with no abnormal cells attached to the reproductive system.  No endometrial cells found as confirmed by the physician’s narrative summaries in my book “Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax.”  There are three theories as to how endometrial cells are migrating, but none are conclusive.   Catamenial Endometriosis is a severe issue because it migrates to almost every body organ causing destruction and there is currently no cure.  Yes, I am O RhD negative.

This book serves to alert the global community to a connection between Rhesus D-negative blood and Catamenial Endometriosis found in different body organs.  Many are familiar with blood groups O, A, B, AB and know their blood type, but have no idea about the other component Rhesus D- negative or positive due to the presence or absence of inherited rhesus factor on the surface of red blood cells.   Highly critical especially in women’s health during childbearing and lifesaving blood transfusions.  I have discovered that Rh positive blood could have Rh negative alleles from one of their parents contributing to some manifestations of catamenial endometriosis which may be occurring.  O, A, B. AB is a blood

type.  Rh negative bloodtype or bloodline is due to mutation or DNA manipulation.    

176 million women worldwide have been diagnosed with endometriosis and it has to be determined how many men.  WE NEED MORE RESEARCH IN THIS AREA.